How To Make A Pastry Lattice For A Pie

If you’ve ever searched for a pie recipe on Pinterest, you’ll have seen dozens of intricately latticed pies that take the humble dessert from simply delicious, to edible art. There’s something delectably impressive about a lattice topped pie, and the biggest secret of all? It’s actually really easy, just a little time consuming depending on how creative you want to be. Make yourself some perfect pie pastry, then follow the steps to re-create the lattice we used on our Apple and Rhubarb Pie, or get creative with your own patterns!

How To Make A Pastry Lattice For A Pie

You’ll need one quantity of Perfect Pie Pastry, and your favourite pie filling. For the ultimate wintery comfort food, try our Apple and Rhubarb pie filling here.

Hints & Tips

Making your own pie pastry is time consuming, and when you’re preparing a family dinner or a party, it’s easy to run out of time. Our perfect pie pastry freezes well for up to a month. Make your pastry, rest, roll out to 3mm thick, rest, then freeze until you’re ready to use. Just ensure you wrap it well in lots of plastic wrap and allow to come to room temperature before unwrapping to use.

If you have hot hands you may find that the pastry becomes soft and difficult to work with as you braid it or work with thin strips of pastry. Run your hands under cold water every so often, and dry thoroughly to help stop your hands melting the butter in the pastry.

Ensure your filling is cold. If your pie filling is cooked, like our apple and rhubarb pie, allow it to cool fully before adding to your pie shell. The heat from the mixture will start to melt the butter in the pastry and make it difficult to work with.

How to Make a Pastry Lattice for a Pie

For the lattice on our Apple and Rhubarb Pie we used 4cm, 2cm, and 1cm widths of rolled dough, and 1cm braids of dough. For the braids, cut 1cm strips of dough and braid together as you would rope, pinching at either end to hold in place and stop the dough unraveling. See our hints and tips for braiding dough if you’ve got hot hands.

Your lattice pattern is made up of criss crossing lengths of dough. Start by placing all of the pieces of dough that make your pattern in one direction. Lift up every second piece of dough, and place a piece of dough running in the opposite direction. Fold down all of the pieces of dough.

In the previous step we lifted every second piece of dough. Now lift all the pieces that you didn’t lift the first time, and place the next piece of dough in the pattern running the opposite direction. Fold down all the pieces of dough and repeat.

Trim away any excess and finish with a long braid running around the edge of the pie. Brush with egg wash before placing in the oven and cooking according to your recipe’s directions.















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