Birthday Party Ideas for Blokes

Even the most seasoned party planner can admit: planning a soiree for your favourite bloke can be tough work.

We want to go extravagant, they want something simple? Step away from the glitter, and head to the fabric isle for neutral colours and textures! Instead of flowers, think about greenery like lush leaves or succulents mixed with twigs and pinecones.

Beer Tasting Party

BEER! IPA, Ale, BEER! OK so we’re not up on all the different varietals of the brew, but it’s a fun concept that most of the men we know would love.
Collect a list of his favourite brews and put together a party that everyone can enjoy. Don’t forget the nuts and pretzels!

We love: the incorporation of flannel into the decorations and signage.
Make it yourself: save his bottle caps for a few weeks and DIY some garlands with twine and hot glue!


Grumpy Old Man Party

Meat and spirits- this party is an excellent theme for a milestone birthday.
(And also the perfect combination for a post-celebratory heart attack!)

We love: the finger food, grumpy old men don’t need knives and forks.
Make it yourself: the drinks station uses some great wooden chopping boards. Get handy with some firewood and get your local hand man to cut some small and easy to manage slices of wood. Sand them back and use for your drinks, they’ll be functional and add to the decoration!


Mustache Themed Party

Does your guy have an iconic mustache? Celebrate it with a birthday that should make him laugh.
Or save this one for the little men in your life for an uber cute party!

We love: the mousache straws – your guests won’t need facial hair to sport a gorgeous moe!
Make it yourself: Use a template and matte contact to create a frosted moustache on your glasses and save some money. Just peel them off after your party!


Golf Party

If you have a man in your life that enjoys some time on the green, this party is sure to make him feel celebrated!

We love: The flags! Customise them with your man’s age – too fun!
Make it yourself: DIY your flags with some pre printed washi tape, and write the numbers on yourself.


Fishing Party

The snacks table for this “Gone Fishing” party looks delicious, and we love the sour worm cupcake buckets!

We love: The fun fish “bunting” with fish hooked by paper clips.
Make it yourself: Pop your cupcakes in paper boats for a fun fishing detail!



Modern Camping Party

There seem to be loads of different ways to incorporate the great outdoors into an excellent party. And who doesn’t like making smores?

We love: The greenery! Break up that brown with a fresh pop of green!
Make it yourself: Keep those tomato tins and clean off the labels for your napkins and cutlery.


Bluegrass and Bourbon Party

This party has just the right amount of styling, and perfect masculine details! The glass jars and personalised matchboxes are a great touch.
We love: Hand lettered signage.
Make it yourself: Grab yourself a piece of ply from your local hardware store and fix it to some trestle legs for a beautiful unfinished table.



Backyard Barbecue Party

What really could be better than kicking it back comfortably in your backyard with your best mates?
We love: Fake grass – who doesn’t!
Make it yourself: Punch holes into the top of a shoebox covered in brown paper to hold your individual serves of chips!



Want more party ideas for boys?
Grab yourself a copy of Issue Four – Let’s Hear it for the Boys.