A Halloween Crafternoon

We all get crafting hangovers from time to time. It starts with the best intentions, a holiday comes up and you think, “I could totally make a few short DIY projects to keep the house festive!”  An Internet search is conducted and before you know it you’re drafting a supplies list that takes up both sides of your notepad. With your hands filled with fresh supplies you waddle home and cover your kitchen table with glitter glue and ribbon.

All seems hopeful!

Fast-forward four hours later, you are peeling hot glue off your fingers and are scratching your head as you scroll over diagrams and instructions. In a fit you give up and shove your seasonal supplies in an ever growing “abandoned projects” closet.

Have no fear! Crafting can be fun and easy (and only take up one afternoon!). Here are ten super easy DIY projects to enjoy this Halloween.

Halloween Party Punch Bowl Nobiggie.net has an awesome tutorial for this festive punch bowl!


Boo Halloween Wreath- You can find wreaths like this one all over the net but who says you can’t put this together yourself?


Wall Skull Vignettes– Better Homes and Gardens has a whole list of three-step Halloween projects. We are smitten over these wall skull vignettes.


Pumpkin Candles– There is more than one way to carve a pumpkin. Hello Natural has taken it to the next level with these easy cinnamon candles.


Painted Candy Corn Pots– Candy corn is a Halloween staple but it looks so awesome in these hand painted pots.

DIY Candy Corn Pots

Spiderweb Balloon– This project will take you back to school but it still looks a little bit creepy and festive – a fun one to make with the kids!


Ghost in a Jar– Not all ghosts are scary! In fact, these ghosts are downright adorable.


Felt Bats for Doors– Country Living has everything you need to make your front door trick-or-treat ready.


Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns– We don’t foresee any problems gathering the supplies for these Jack-O-Lanterns.


DIY Witch Hat– Bead and Cord has made DIY-costuming easy and cute.


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