Does the Queen Eat Cake on her Birthday?

Sweet Magazine | Queens Birthday Cake

It’s a question that we don’t know the answer to, so we’ve compiled a few stunning cakes created for the Queen – and we like to imagine that she’s had a bite or two in her day!

A quick history lesson…

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 88 this year on the 21st of April. In Australia we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the second Monday of June (unless you’re in Western Australia). Why not the 21st of April? Well there’s no specific reason that we found. From 1788 until 1936 we celebrated the Monarch’s birthday on their actual day of birth. When King George passed away, we kept the date and here we are!

Queen Elizabeth Cake

In namesake only does this recipe belong to Her Majesty, and while the recipe comes with a note that it’s the only cake that the Queen will bake herself, in an interview during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 her long time chef claims that the Queen just doesn’t cook. He also revealed a love of chocolate, honey cake and ginger cake, yum!

Sweet Magazine Queen Elizabeth Cake


Cakes fit for The Queen

We couldn’t find the Queen with birthday cakes, but plenty of stunning Diamond Jubilee cakes, which would be just as suitable for an 88th birthday celebration!

Click for larger pictures and details!


Cakes from: The Cake ParlourMichelle Sugar ArtMimosa Bakery, The Royal Forces, Source Unknown.

Many Happy Returns to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, let’s have some cake!

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