5 Beautiful & Effective Ways to Decorate Your Baking Without Fondant

Sweet Magazine - Green Kitchen Stories - Flower Cake

We love chocolate (like really love chocolate) and fondant, buttercream covered cakes and cupcakes just as much as the next person. BUT fruit and nuts are beautiful. They’re gorgeous. They provide a rainbow of colour, and amazing taste too. So we’ve scoured the internet for some of our favourite fruit, nut and flower cake decorations!

1. Rhubarb

This cake blows us away, the gorgeous stripes of glassy pinks, creams and yellows aren’t hours in the kitchen mucking around with sugar and food colour. They’re perfectly wafer thin slices of rhubarb delicately wrapped and trimmed around a pineapple mousse cake. SO CLEVER! Click the image for the full recipe and how-to. Did we mention how clever this is??

Sweet Magazine - Sprinkle Bakes - Rhubarb Pineapple Mousse Cake


2. Flaked Almonds

It may have been done before. But it’s the first time we remember seeing someone using almonds like this on a tiered cake, and what a fantastic finish. We just adore the simplicity and texture. Plus it looks DELICIOUS. And there’s chocolate too – did we mention we like chocolate?

 3. Mango Rosette

This heart shaped rosette tart from the novice gardener is gorgeous! And there is no baking required! I’ll have mine in summer, with home made ice cream…now to wait for Summer!

Sweet Magazine - The Novice Gardener - Mango Heart Tart


4. Candied Hazelnuts

A tried and tested, old fashioned decoration is the sugar dipped hazelnut. Individually topped on cupcakes like these from Martha Stewart (click the image for the how-to) or piled haphazardly in the centre of a cake. These beauties are always impressive!

Sweet Magazine - Martha Stewart - Candied Hazelnuts


5. Sugared Flowers

No! Stop! Don’t go into your garden and start eating the flowers! Do some research, work out what’s OK to eat and make sure the flowers are organically grown! You don’t want to accidentally eat pesticides! Most good quality delis and providores will have dried flowers or sugared flowers that are A-OK and food safe, so stick to those unless you’re Bear Grills OK? Ok.

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