April Fools! Crazy Realistic Food Cakes




These cakes are the get-out-of-town-that-can’t-be-a-cake-it-looks-like-a-insert-thing-here crazy cakes that the artisans of our sugar coated world create. They’re confusing, they make you hungry for something that isn’t cake, and they’re a wonderment, how can sugar and cake look like a bushel of asparagus… HOW??? While we in the Sweet Magazine studio endorse cake as an every-food-group-in-the-pyramid kind of super food, we know that the health professionals (and our ever tightening pants) frown upon it. We wonder though, if they saw these images, if we could even fool them? Happy April Fools Sweets!

April Fools Artisan Cake Company

Liz at the Artisan Cake Company even had the stained napkins for this gigantic cake burrito. Anyone else feeling like Mad Mex??

APril Fools Debbie Does Cake

Debbie Does Cake has an affinity for creating the most amazing and realistic cakes, make sure you check out the Thanksgiving Turkey Cake too!

April Fools Sweet Ambs

SweetAmbs’ Amber is extremely generous (find the tutorial for this April Fools creation here) with her creativity with a tonne of tutorials absolutely free on her site, and also some paid ones which are well worth the few dollars that Amber charges. We love these cookies, but feel a hankering for chicken nuggets and chips!

April Fools Charm City Cakes

Are you a bagel person? Charm City Cakes has us fooled with this bag of bagel cakes. Who’s got some cream cheese? Smoked Salmon??

April Fools Sweetapolita

A re-work of the original and famous Asparagus Cake from Sweetapolita. We didn’t think that she could improve on her first version, but she did! I don’t feel like eating asparagus, but we’re still amazed by this cake – every time we see it!

April Fools Imaginarium Cakes Delete

This is all edible. I repeat, this is ALL edible. Even the bag, made from gelatin, and the label made from wafer paper. In.cred.i.ble from Imaginarium Cakes in New Zealand. Now… who’s up for a salad??

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