Sweet Magazine | Marshmallow

Last week we asked you a very difficult question, do you want a recipe for Steamed Coconut and Chocolate Cake or White Chocolate and Pistachio Marshmallow. After much deliberation, the winner was marshmallow, so here we are with the base recipe – the starting point of all marshmallow.

Are you looking at this sideways with a picture of the crusty packet marshmallows you can pick up at the shop, or the hard and crunchy marshmallows served at the local cafe next to an afternoon hot choccy? If you’ve never had the home made variety, life as you know it is about to change! Well.. the parts of your life you eat marshmallows in anyway.

Sweet Magazine | Marshmallow


3 tbsp plus 2 tsp of unflavoured Gelatine
3 cups Caster Sugar
1 1/2 cups Glucose
1.5 cups Water
Vegetable Oil
Icing Sugar

Whip it up!

In the mixing bowl of your stand mixer add 3/4 cup (half) of water. Sprinkle over the gelatine and leave aside to bloom.

Prepare a large baking dish with foil, and spray liberally with vegetable oil.

Add 3/4 cup (the other half) of water to a large heavy bottom saucepan. Pour sugar in to the centre of the pan avoiding the sides. Pouring the sugar directly to the centre of the pan after the water has added will help to prevent crystalisation. Add the glucose and set over medium heat. Heat the sugar mix until it reaches 115 degrees – soft ball stage.

When your sugar has reached soft ball stage set your mixer on low and slowly pour the sugar mixture into the bowl. Gradually increase the speed to high and step back, there will be plenty of  steam!

Beat on high until the mixture has thickened, has cooled and become stiff, about 15 minutes. Beat in 1 tbsp of vanilla bean paste, or two tsp of organic vanilla extract.

Working quickly, scrape the mix into your prepared tin. Allow to set.

Coat the top of your marshmallow with a generous amount of icing sugar while it’s still in the tin. Turn out onto a lightly dusted surface and remove the foil. Dust all exposed surfaces with icing sugar, the marshmallow will stick to you, your surface, your knife, and anything it comes in contact with. Oil a sharp knife and cut into cubes, dusting with icing sugar as you go.

Working with small amounts, pop the marshmallow in a sieve and vigorously shake off the excess icing sugar. Delicious!

Sweet Magazine | Marshmallow

White Chocolate & Pistachio Marshmallow

For White Chocolate & Pistachio marshmallow. Add melted white chocolate to your mixer when you stop beating, as you pour the marshmallow into your prepared tin, the white chocolate will marble the mix. Top with crushed pistachios, Jackson Pollock the top with white chocolate and allow to set. To serve, try to avoid dusting the beautiful top, but remember not to stack them or they’ll stick!

Gorgeous Gifts

A sweet treat that everyone can enjoy, marshmallows are inexpensive and easy to make. Cut into 2cm cubes and fill a quilted jam jar for a pretty and delicious gift!


Flowers – Jessica Grace Flowers
Plain glass jars used as vases – Just Jars Australia
All other items from Sweet Magazine’s own collection