Chocolate Candy Cane Pops

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It’s the last week of school, Christmas concerts abound, work is finishing up, and the party invitations are coming in thick and fast. Not to mention that you’re hosting your annual end of year get together! With that in mind, we put together a quick and easy DIY party for Issue Five of Sweet, and to get you in the mood for our special Celebrate! edition, we’ve got another delicious treat that won’t cost you the earth, will only take a few minutes to whip up (and you can get the older kids involved), and you’ll probably find the ingredients you need floating around the back of your pantry!

Sweet Magazine | Chocolate Candy Cane Pop

Sweet Magazine | Chocolate Candy Cane Pop


Sweet Magazine | Chocolate Candy Cane Pop

Sweet Magazine | Chocolate Candy Cane Pop

Sweet Magazine | Chocolate Candy Cane Pop


Chocolate Candy Cane Pops

If you don’t have lollipop sticks or paddlepop sticks, don’t fret, you can make these as sweet little chocolate treats without the sticks and pile them up in a bowl for your guests to nibble on. They’re also a great DIY Christmas gift, just pop in a cellophane bag and top with a Christmas gift tag!

250g white chocolate
2 tsp peppermint oil*
2 tbsp coconut oil**
200g dark or milk chocolate
Candy canes

*If you don’t have peppermint oil you can leave it out, the candy canes will give a delicious minty flavour.
**If you don’t have coconut oil, replace it with unsalted butter (or salted if you’re a fan of salted chocolate), vegetable oil, or any mildly flavoured oil that you have on hand.

Making these Chocolate Candy Cane Pops could not be easier! Grab a microwave safe container and melt your white chocolate on low power for 30 seconds. Remove from the microwave, stir, then heat on low power for 10 seconds at a time with a good stir between each blast until the chocolate is completely melted.

Stir in the coconut oil and peppermint oil until well incorporated. If the chocolate isn’t well mixed your soft pepperminty centre will be chunky or grainy. The oil will flavour the chocolate and also stop the chocolate from setting completely making it easy to eat. Pop the mixture in the fridge for a few minutes until the mix firms up.

Spoon teaspoon sized amounts of the white chocolate mixture on to baking paper and press your sticks into the centre. Make sure you don’t push them all the way down or the chocolates may fall off when the chocolate is set. Pop the chocolates in the fridge to firm up.

While the chocolates firm up, grab your candy canes and some baking paper. Fold the baking paper in half and put a candy cane inside the paper. Use something heavy to crush your candy cane. A large can of fruit or rolling pin works well, you could also use a mortar and pestle if you have one.

Melt your dark chocolate in a microwave safe container following the same method we used to melt the white chocolate. It may take a little longer to melt.

There are two ways to finish your Chocolate Candy Cane Pops. The first is to simply spoon a small amount of dark chocolate on your baking paper. Sit the white chocolate pop on the dark chocolate, then cover with more of the melted dark chocolate until the white chocolate is covered, then top with candy cane while the chocolate is still melted. If you’re a chocolate lover this will leave you lots of lovely extra chocolate to eat. For a tidier looking pop, fill a small glass with your melted chocolate, dip in your white chocolates and tap off the excess. No matter which method you choose, you’ll need to leave the pops in the fridge for a good 30 minutes to make sure your dark chocolate coating has set properly.

Have you got an easy Christmas treat? Share with us in the comments below!

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