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Sweet readers are intelligent and creative women who love food and adore creating. They appreciate the time and effort it takes to pipe the beautifully swirled cupcake, the perfectly ganached mudcake, and they love the back story.
They’re Mums who enjoy a cup of tea and quiet read after a long day with the kids, they’re DIY-ers, they’re planning a party, they’re styling the dining table for the family get together, and they were the driving force behind our leap from the digital only offering to print.

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Along with our print and digital distribution across Australia and New Zealand, iOS and Android, Sweet reaches over half a million people per month through our active social community. With payment plans, a dedicated team working to ensure that your campaign meets your advertising objectives, and spaces starting at just $80 per issue it’s easier than ever put your brand in the hands of your targeted audience on the most trusted advertising platform in the media.

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Ad space in Sweet is limited and for good reason! With a low ad to editorial ratio, your brand stands out from the crowd, lock away your space early to avoid disappointment. Fill in your details here and our team will be in touch with you shortly!